Frequently Asked Questions

How can I send my crypto to you?

After you placed an order and chose “Pay by any cryptocurrency” you will have a confirmation page. Here, 2 options:

Option 1: You already have Metamask installed, your wallet will open automatically by clicking on Metamask
  • button. 

  • Option 2: You don’t have Metamask installed, you need to send the right amount manually from your wallet to our wallet address.

If you have any questions during the purchase process, just join our Telegram and ask someone to help you. We’re very responsive.

I forgot to provide my wallet address during the checkout, how can I provide it to you?

No worries, we have a support team always here to help. You can provide your wallet address by sending an email to or join our Telegram and talk with our team to figure it out.

Which type of wallet do I need to use?

We advise using Metamask to receive your Binance CryptoPunks. If you don’t have Metamask, you can easily install it by following this tutorial.
Once Metamask is installed, you need to configure the Binance Smart Chain on it and our PUNK token. You can follow this tutorial.

What’s the delay to receive my Binance CryptoPunk in my wallet?

The delay to receive your Binance CryptoPunk in your wallet is between 24-48 hours. Our team needs to retrieve all wallet address from customers, sometimes create a new wallet for people who don’t have one so it takes some time. Please be patient and provide us all the information we need at the checkout step. If you forgot, send your wallet address by email to

I got the Punk in my wallet but can’t see his face, what do I need to do?

Actually, you can’t see the face of your Punk directly in your wallet. You need to go on our Punk explorer to see which one you got.

Can I sell my Binance CryptoPunk on Opensea, Rarible, or other platforms?

Currently, you can’t sell Binance CryptoPunks on other platforms. Our team is working hard on our own marketplace to provide you the best way to bid/buy/sell Binance CryptoPunks. We want to offer you the best experience from the beginning to the end.