Binance Cryptopunks

The Binance Cryptopunks are 10,000 uniquely generated characters. No two are exactly alike, and each one of them can be officially owned by a single person on the Binance blockchain. Now they must be purchased from someone via the marketplace that’s also embedded in the blockchain. Via this market, you can buy and offer punks for sale.

See the marketplace instructions below to acquire your very own punk. You should also join the Discord Chat, which includes a bot that announces all offers and sales in real-time.

What is a Binance Cryptounk?

The Binance Cryptopunks are 24×24 pixel art images, generated algorithmically. Most are punky-looking guys and girls, but there are a few rarer types mixed in: Apes, Zombies and even the odd Alien. Every punk has their own profile page that shows their attributes as well as their ownership/for-sale status.

How do I get a Punk?

  1. Download and install the extension called MetaMask (Chrome or Firefox). This will allow websites (that you authorize) access to your account.
  2. After that, you need to install the Binance Smart Chain and the PUNK token. Follow this tutorial it’s pretty straightforward.
  3. If you made a new account, buy some BNB. To do that, you need to create an account on Binance.
  4. After that, send your BNB to your Metamask wallet by following this tutorial.
  5. Once you have everything ready, this website will recognize it and buttons will allow you to buy and sell punks directly in the interface.
  6. For example, you can buy Punk #5534 for 20 BNB (~ $9,355.76 USD).

If you have any issue during the process of buying/selling a Punk, don’t hesitate to reach us on Discord, Telegram or Twitter. We’re always here to help.

What exactly is going on here?

The Binance Cryptopunks are fairly launch i.e. anyone can buy them. It was not the case with the original CryptoPunks on Ethereum, which were mostly given to the creator’s inner circle and early NFT adopters.

So, why exactly Binance Punks exist: As we said earlier, the initial Cryptopunks distribution was free to claim punks. So only a few early NFT fans had all the fun and have made millions. Now that people are more aware of NFTs. We want to give everyone on Binance Smart Chain a chance to be a part of it.

And as you probably know, BSC is the future. The Binance Cryptopunks are really cheap now in pre-sale but when they will be sold out (which will happen very fast), they will increase a lot in value, maybe 100x or more in a few weeks, and will even challenge the Ethereum ones as the Binance Smart Chain will challenge Ethereum and may even surpass it we believe.

When you have one or more Punks, you can see which Binance CryptoPunks you got by clicking on the “Punk Explorer” button.